Angel Leiva formerly served as a legal extern for a patent, trademark, and copyright attorney at Golab Intellectual Property in Coral Gables, Florida. During his time with the firm, he performed research on federal district court complaint concerning trademark, patent and copyright infringements. Angel Leiva also drafted briefs and notices of opposition with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). He previously applied his skills as a research scholar in the medical field at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute in New York University School of Medicine, and at the New York City coroner’s office.

Before launching his professional career, Mr. Leiva graduated with biology honors from the University of Miami with a bachelor of science in biology, and a minor in chemistry. As a scholar, he was a member of Howard Hughes Medical Institute at the University of Miami, and a member of the Leadership Alliance at New York University.

While in law school, Mr. Leiva subsequently took courses in Constitutional Originalism and the Federalist Papers at the Georgetown University Law Center, and in 2016, he earned a Juris Doctor from the Ave Maria School of Law.

In his free time, Angel Leiva enjoys running.